Here's a small selection of just some of the comments I gratefully receive on Facebook


Sandy Barton The word emerald immediately came to mind when I saw this photo! So clear, refreshing and calming. Wonderful photo!

Dianne Wilderman Campbell That's sooooo beautiful ! Great work !!!!

Pius Sullivan That's a beauty Mike.

Tourism Nanaimo Totally stunning Mike. Love it.

Gerry Gerron Mike, your photography is on fire. Keep it up, we love it.

Cathy Wentzell-Kirkpatrick So cool. Wow

Bree L Harris Magical! What a stunning photo!!

Four Directions Nature Photography Beautiful Exquisite photo!

Teri White Another award winning photo, Mike. Wow! Your talent is amazing!

Marje Murphy You take such magnificent photographs ! They are truly beautiful!

Sandy Barton How truly amazing!

Teri White Really love the new look to your photos...lovely. xoxo

Joekuttan Joe Magnificent. ..how do you do it?

Karen Dalton Fantastic shot!

Catherine Davis Incredible ‼️

Dale Schulz That's the best shot I've ever seen of the Black Frank Statue! BRAVO!!

Dianne Wilderman Campbell You're photos are the BEST ! Good work !

Shirley Ekstrom Absolutely beautiful....great colours

Janet Nelson Fantastic capture! Love it, Mike!

Beth Anne Great use of desaturation Mike. I like the contrast between colour and monochrome very much.

Shirley Ekstrom Mike you take the most beautiful scenery pictures.....Just gorgeous

Marlene Toivonen Awesome photography

Barbra Glaum Great photography.

Doris Thompson You continually amaze me with your photography, Mike Thompson Island Landscapes

Samantha Dubinsky Seriously !?!?? Wwwwwow Mike !!!!

Ac Angel Tom NANAIMO's BEST PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Awesome!!!

Sandy Barton That golden serene moment when the setting sun paints the sky with pastel warm colours. Did I tell you I love this park? Just gorgeous.

Gerry Gerron Mike, you seem to have made a hyper-leap into spiritual and mystical photos.....and I love it. Natural Eye.

Inner Harbour Optometry Wonderful composition.

Brenda Baird Absolutely perfect!!

Sandy Barton So much drama in this shot, the clouds along the water and mountain, sun beams through the mist and beautiful blue of water and sky.

Doris Thompson Lovely shot, once again! 

Janet Nelson Magnificent, breathtakingly, gorgeous captures, Mike! Wow!

Bev Thompson Wow. These are superb photos.

Sandy Barton That golden serene moment when the setting sun paints the sky with pastel warm colours. Did I tell you I love this park? Just gorgeous.

Tourism Nanaimo wow! our city looks so beautiful

Doris Thompson I love your photography Mike. Thanks for sharing it on facebook!

Paul Jay WOW! Stunning!

Diane Carne The colors brighten my daysmile emoticon

Sandy Barton Such colour and movement in this photo, love it!

Teri White Long Beach...one of my very favorite places on Earth. Love the turbulent water crashing against the porous rocks. Lovely Mike. xoxo

Ac Angel Tom I love your photography they're amazing!!!

Lori Hall Your pics are always a great reminder of the fact that we live in such a beautiful place, and that many choose it as their vacation destination. Thanks.

David Norris absolutely stunning!

Matt Burga What kind of set up do you have? Really love what you do.

Paul Dore Photo killer awesome dude

Linda Little Absolutley stunning

Val Wells Stupendous!

Teri White This is so beautiful it looks like it was painted... Thank you so very much, Mike, for brightening our life with your lovely talent. xoxoxo

Linda Aske Fabulous

Eleanor White Omg!! What an awesome capture!!

Kathleen J. Whyte Gorgeous.

Kieran Johnson Great composition. I love how the cloud line aligns with the shores.

Gerry Gerron looks new and vintage all at once.....has the feel of a 1950's postcard. very cool.

Myrna Crandall Skaling What a privilege to live in Nanaimo! AND to be able to see your beautiful photography! Thank you

Ken Calvert Luv look of trees on left majically lit up

Ann Dugal Picture perfect

Trina Anne Gleason- Zubek Luv this pic. Gorgeous

Donna Michiel Love this one! Great capture!

Linda Hauge Shepard Amazing shot!

Eric Oja amazing views ,beyond words

Bob Daniels nice shot; was never able to see anything but the road way; on the way to Tin Wis and Tofino; this picture gives perspective

Sandy Hinchliffe Beautifully photographed Mike. I really like the mist in the background.

Betty Schweigert Another amazing shot!

Gerry Gerron how you make something so brutal...yet elegant, is an amazing talent.

Dipak Kumar Maganlal Shah Amazing Nature. Superbly clicked

Sandy Hinchliffe Beautiful as usual Mike.

Jim Corrigan looks like a perfect spring day enjoy

Integrative Health Management Inc. Beautiful shot!

Dianne Wilderman Campbell Another beauty ! You have great photos and I share for my relatives in Saskatchewan to admire our Beautiful Island ! Thank you so much !

Mellissa Nicole Warner Beautiful photo!

Henry de Rook That`s a great shot

Dede Ahlstrom Beautiful pic Mike!!!

Jill Bisson My husband and I would walk the waterfront ever day with our dog. Sat on that first bench for a break. Thanks for the memories

Florina Young Makes me want to walk there again.

Stella Robinson Amazing photo.

Mike Perkins Amazing shot

Maria Roberts Brilliant!!

Alyce Burdette Batta Beautiful...

Marian Ritzand Wow

Uday Singh Awsome

Captured Moments: Prince Edward Island Nice!

Kisandra M. Pywell Where is this on the Island? love it!

Sandy Barton Fantastic shot! Such gorgeous colours in the sky!

Anna Bernard Wow, that is georgous!

Edyta Cote Magical....very vibrant picture ! Powerful

Kelly Sharp beautiful photo!

Diane Dewberry Magical

Wendy Molchan Wow what a shot! All the lights of the tiered houses at twlight time have often remind me of an Italian landscape!

Victoria Herron Thomson Gorgeous, will save this one for sure.

Ken Ure Wow!,beautiful, shades of Emily Carr.

Mark Bodwell My goodness that's amazing!

Jane Barnes To beautiful for words

Eleanor White Sooo beautiful!!!!!!!

Judy Stebbe Incredibly Beautiful.

Ashley Day Incredible.

Brittany Budge So gorgeous

Carrie Chassels I'm pretty sure I walked by when you were setting up this shot! Gorgeous!

Tara Roden Thank you for such a beautiful picture of my home town... I posted it on my fb pg and my friends love it...

Randy J. Stollery Usually photos don't do the sight justice. This does.

Sharron Laf How beautiful is this...

Marion Headrick Beautiful shot Mike.

Kool Karma Great shot! Such beautiful colors!