Vancouver Island Landscapes | Parksville - Qualicum

Parksville & Qualicum Beach:
Parksville is a thriving community with an exceptional variety of living accommodation from beachfront condos to patio homes, adult living condominiums, and charming rural houses. The city’s garden-friendly climate and its generous community spirit earned it first place for cities of its size at the 2006 Communities in Bloom national award ceremonies. Qualicum Beach's downtown is alive with boutique shops, galleries, bookshops, antique stores, bakeries, cafés and large, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Coombs and the surrounding villages of Hilliers and Errington have the largest concentration of antique stores, farmers' markets and artisans' studios in BC.
Cold water at Little QualicumThe stream at Top Bridge ParkTop Bridge Park in ParksvilleFirst day of fall in ParksvilleA summer day at Englishman River FallsThe refreshing waters of the Little QualicumNile Creek - Vancouver IslandThe cold water of the Little QualicumJust before the falls at Englishman RiverFun on the beach near BowserEnd of January on the Beach at ParksvilleLife on the Parksville BeachSpring at Qualicum BeachMarch 29th at Qualicum BeachAn afternoon at Parksville 2An afternoon at ParksvilleLittle Qualicum - looking down into the fallsThe beach at QualicumThe Beach at Qualicum 2The beach at Qualicum 7