Vancouver Island Landscapes | Port Renfrew
Port Renfrew is the home of the Pacheedaht First Nation, meaning "People of the Sea Foam", who have traditional village sites in and around the main town centre. The West Coast Trail, a world famous hiking trail built in 1907 along the west coast of Vancouver Island to save shipwrecked sailors, is located on the Gordon River adjacent to Port Renfrew. During the days of sail, 1830–1925, 137 major shipping tragedies occurred in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. International recognition was given to this stretch of water off Port Renfrew. It became known as the Graveyard of the Pacific. Originally named Port San Juan, the settlers changed the name to honor Lord Renfrew who planned to settle crofters there. The name was changed due to mail being sent to the San Juan Islands instead of Port San Juan. Port Renfrew's bay is still called Port San Juan. Like many coastal Vancouver Islandcommunities, Port Renfrew has a rich history in forestry and fishing.
Log steps in the woodsStunning Botanical Beach 7Stunning Botanical Beach 6Stunning Botanical Beach 5Stunning Botanical Beach 3Stunning Botanical Beach 2Stunning Botanical Beach 4A lovely lake just outside of Port RenfrewStunning Botanical Beach 1