Vancouver Island Landscapes | Piper's Lagoon

Pipers Lagoon Park is one of the best, most exotic oceanside parks on Vancouver Island. The lagoon itself is the size of three football fields. You park at one end and walk along a narrow, straight dyke between the lagoon and the restless surf. The waves from the open water have created a marvellous pebbly beach with a great deal of mermaid's tears (a beautiful product of beach glass). Then it gets rocky; there is some non-technical rock-climbing for those who desire it, and one larger hill covered in arbutus and Garry Oak, eagles, driftwood and views of the Strait.
A lovely sunset at Piper's LagoonA breezy evening at Piper's LagoonNear sunset at Piper's LagoonOrange sunset at Piper's LagoonA bench at Piper's LagoonMid July sunset at Piper's LagoonLose yourself at Piper's LagoonThe Beach at Piper's LagoonA sunset at Pipers LagoonFun on the beach at Piper's LagoonLow tide at Pipers LagoonAlone on the beach at Piper's Lagoona moody day at Pipers LagoonA Sunset at Pipers Lagoon 3A lovely fall day at Pipers LagoonSpooky TreeThe view from the hill at Pipers LagoonAn afternoon at Piper's LagoonA little beach at Piper's LagoonSlow Mothion Sunset at Piper's