Vancouver Island Landscapes | Nanaimo Dragonboat

It’s WET. It’s WILD. It’s a weekend of fun for the entire family! Save on Foods 14th Annual Nanaimo Dragon Boat
Dragon boat racing is one of the most amazing sports you will ever get to witness. This year saw over 70 racing teams.
Dragonboat Team 1Dragonboat Team 2Dragonboat Team 3Dragonboat Team 4Dragonboat Team 5Dragonboat Team 6Dragonboat Team 7Dragonboat Team 8Dragonboat Team 9Dragonboat Team 10Dragonboat Team 11Dragonboat Team 12Dragonboat Team 13Dragonboat Team 14Dragonboat Team 15Dragonboat Team 16Dragonboat Team 17Dragonboat Team 18Dragonboat Team 19Dragon Boat Teem 20