Vancouver Island Landscapes | Colliery Dam Park

Colliery Dam Park is one of Nanaimo's larger destination parks popular especially in the summer as a fresh water swimming spot. It is also a dog walking destination as the trail around the upper dam is a designated dog off leash area- 6am to 10am and then again 4pm to dusk daily. There are some steep trails and narrow bridge crossings along the upper dam trail.
The bridge on the upper lake at Colliery DamThe crab at the pierNanaimo's Colliery Dam Upper LakeA calm day at Colliery Dam ParkA late summer evening at Colliery DamA little bit of Wonderland at Colliery DamColliery Dam lower lake on an overcast dayThe new spillway at Colliery DamMore Reflective waters at Colliery DamA Favourite Spot at Colliery DamSteps along the path at Colliery DamThe spillway at Colliery DamThe rock shelf at Colliery DamAn afternoon at the waterfall at Colliery DamThe path at Colliery DamColliery Dam 2015 3Colliery Dam 2015 1The Falls in the SpringThe Waterfall at Colliery DamWinter at Colliery Dam Park