Neck Point Park is just to the north of Pipers Lagoon. Both parks have stunning views over the ocean to the mountains beyond, as well as exciting nooks and crannies to explore among the rocky bluffs and beaches. Neck Point is also known as a diving hotspot, though, and also includes more accessible terrain than Pipers Lagoon.
A moonrise at Neck PointWarm light at Neck PointTake the time to enjoy the viewNeck Point TreeA great way to spend an evening in NanaimoA Neck Point momentView of the mainland from Neck Point ParkAnother view looking towards Neck Point's Sunset BeachThe sun's going down at Neck PointClose to sunset at Neck Point's Finn BeachNeck Point's Amazing Sunset Beach_The view past the rail at Neck PointWatching the sun go down at Neck PointJust before Sunset Beach at Neck PointJust before the sun goes down at Neck PointRocky beach at Neck Point_A magical place called Neck PointThe path to Last Beach at Neck PointNeck Point - Sunset Beach after a stormNeck Point - Stairs