Photographs of Nanaimo's Gorgeous Downtown Harbour.

Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It has been dubbed the "Bathtub Racing Capital of the World" and "Harbour City". Nanaimo was also dubbed early in its history by the Vancouver Island Development League as the "Hub City" because of its central location on Vancouver Island.[3] It is also fondly known as the "Hub, Tub, and Pub City" because of its association with the bathtub racing and the numerous "watering holes" in Old Nanaimo. It is the location of the headquarters of the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Downtown Nanaimo's gorgeous waterfront harbour is one of my favourite places to shoot.
Nanaimo's Boat BasinStorm clouds over NanaimoTerratimaThe Lighthouse Bistro at nightAn evening stroll along the seawallNanaimo's Swy-a-Lana lagoonA storm brewing over the Walking PierA sunset at Maffeo Sutton ParkThe Sandy PointThe Nanaimo Port Authority at 5-30 amEvening Blossoms in NanaimoA cloud covered moon over NanaimoA foggy morning on the Nanaimo waterfrontLast light over Swy-a-Lana LagoonEvening at the Lighthouse BistroA spring day on the Nanaimo SeawallA lovely April day in NanaimoReflections at Maffeo Sutton ParkFrank Ney enjoying some sunshineEvening light over Nanaimo's Walking - Fishing pier