Nanaimo, and Vancouver Island offers a world class experience. Much of our environment is still untouched and filled with life. I spend several hours every day photographing all around the island; with a special emphasis on my home town - Nanaimo.
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Derek Rees(non-registered)
Hi. I'm in Victoria. Great shots... I was lucky enough to drop in to Neck Point by fluke one stormy day. What a great spot. You have captured that park really well... some stunning pieces. I'll drop back soon.
Julie Jamieson
Beautiful .You capture the stunning island ,my home ,where my hubby and I were born and have lived all our lives some 60 years now.You love it as much as we do.Im very interested in purchasing some of your art.And enjoy your site immensely .We live in a home overlooking Shack Island and Pipers Lagoon and Neck point.So the fabulous sunsets you've patiently captured are a familiar and welcoming sight .Thank you for sharing your gift.
Jenna Erhart(non-registered)
Hi my name is Jenna Erhart and I am graduating this year from viu and am curious if you do graduation photos. If so I would be interested in hearing some more information about it. How much it is and how long the sittings are etc. Thanks!
Ron J Clark(non-registered)
Great website Mike. Your portfolio selections are stunning and leave no doubt that we truly live in a paradise.
Laurel Dickinson
Mike, your work is amazing. I love your nature photos. Would you consider doing wedding photos. Mine :)

Is going to be at one of your favorite places to shoot at, Neck point. Please contact me at I wouls love to talk to you about this.